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We are a member company of QX Group, a Labuan Trust Company licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority under Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010.

Nothing can replace our personal touch, professionalism, experienced with various disciplines, bespoke and fit for purposes solutions for your onshore and international businesses, cross border investments, wealth protection, asset management and business and private succession planning.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to achieve your goal. You tell us your goal and we will tailor-made the services to meet your goal. By engaging Our Services, you can start any place, go anywhere and work in the way that best suits your own working practices. We will take care of statutory compliance and other paper work for you. We provide you foreseeable costs, deliver value for money, reduce the need for major capital outlay by giving a predictable pay-per-use pricing.

Vision, Mission & Policy

We are a 1-Stop Business, Legacy Protection and Succession Planning Service Provider collaborating with chain of international service providers and experienced in tailor-made establishment and management services for private and corporate clients that provide wide range of bespoke and fit for purpose services, by going extra mile, combine with enthusiasm, responsibility and accountability that you could achieve peace of mind, flexibility and cost savings.

We support our clients through customised, consistent, practical and reliable corporate management and administrative services. We will provide a single point-of-contact from wherever they are doing business to co-ordinate their day-to-day management of compliance obligations.


We are empowering our multi-talented team with best tools and disciplines, attracting and retaining qualified and exceptional skills, adopting values and cultures appropriate to our business.

We are committed to adapt the needs of today’s ever changing financial and legal landscape through continuous development of our range of services and ability to provide customised, consistent, practical and reliable solutions to meet our client’s goal.

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Tax Motivation to Use a Labuan Entity

Individuals in high tax countries are commonly taxable on their world-wide income & capital gains e.g. Australia, UK, US, Canada, most of Western Europe. Companies in high tax countries may …