Governance, Risk & Compliance Outsourcing | Legal Advisory & Consultation

Governance, Risk & Compliance Outsourcing

Conducting due diligence | Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financial Terrorism (AML/CFT) and Know-your-client (KYC) Manual | KYC Process and Procedure | Preparation of Various Types of Documents Incidental to AML/CFT and i.e. Form, Checklist and Questionnaire | Compliance awareness programme and training | Provision of updates on the tax compliance requirements for Labuan Entity

Legal Advisory and Consultation

Provision of Legal Advice on the requirements and the requisite documents and information for the Licence Application (“the Application”). The Services include:-

Provision of legal advice on the requirements of the various types of Licence Application (“the Application”) | Advisory on the requisite documents and/or information required for the Application | Provision of the detailed checklist on the pertinent information to be provided in each and every documents which serve as a guide for preparing, providing, and drafting the documents and furnishing the information required to be submitted

  • Reviewing and commenting on the draft documents
  • Drafting documents based on the information provided
  • Type of Documents (customised and fit for purpose)

Letter of Appointment/Engagement | Power of Attorney | Terms of Business | Broker Agreement | Deed of Trust | Deed of Assignment | Joint Venture Agreement | Outsourcing Agreement | Service Agreement | Partnership Agreement | Subscription Agreement | Shareholders Agreement | Share Sale Agreement | Trading Agreement | Will and testament | AML and KYC Manual | Risk Disclosure Statement | Cybersecurity Policy | Privacy Statements | Listing Sponsor Rules | Trading Rules | Membership Rules | Business Plan | Checklist | Resolution | Client Account Form | Application/Cancellation/Termination Form | Questionnaire | Notice